About Us

About Us

KIMestry is a very serene and upscale invitation only salon and spa specializing in healthy hair with a passion for NATURAL HAIR,but relaxed clients are welcome...ask me about hydration therapy it is great for all types of hair!

General Information

KIMestry Natural Hair Salon is a positive empowerment salon that welcomes natural,and relaxed clients,we will make your natural hair journey easier,and your relaxed hair healthier!We also educate our clients on (w)holistic living as it relates to internal health,and healing scalp disorders from the inside out. We educate our clients on how to promote hair growth through herbs,and natural oils.(W)holistic living will help with hair restoration.We gladly welcome cancer patients experiencing hair loss from chemo therapy,we want to rejuvinate your scalp with herbal oils,and hydration therapy!Hydration thearpy is great for chemo patients!We also welcome clients with alopecia,and any other hair and scalp disorders!The sytlist at KIMestry are trained to make customized wigs,hair units,and hair extensions to fit each clients head, face shape,and personality!You can also come to KIMestry for your (w)holistic health consultations,or book Kimberly Diamond the founder of KIMestry for any natural hair,and (w)holistic living workshops. Please send a text message to (803)269-6858 for an apt with one of our healthy hair restoration specialist or for any other services. Visit the website at kimestryhairdesign.com


 Please text or call KIMestry (803) 269-6858 or email kimestryspa@yahoo.com for the address 
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