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Greetings!  I am Kimberly Diamond, CEO of KIMestry, LLC!  I would love to educate you on how to be empowered and how to live (w)holistically!  I am very passionate about the physical and mental health of all people!  I desire for everyone to be empowered--from small business owners to the unemployed to corporate America, with an emphasis on women.

I am now offering telephone consultations for small business owners who want to know how to market and brand their businesses.  With social media being a huge tool in promotion, I commit to branding consultations with an emphasis on media literacy and etiquette!  I also consult on (w)holistic living as it pertains to healthy eating!  I educate people daily on how to cook healthier meals that will enhance their quality of life!  I also have a wealth of knowledge on smoothie recipes that will naturally boost energy, improve the immune system, and aid in healing various health issues!

I love educating my clients and social media followers on herbs and oils from the earth that promote healing for your mind, body, soul, hair, and scalp!  The consultations also consist of knowledge on how to maintain healthy natural and relaxed hair and how to be a "goal" digger.  Goal diggers know that the sky is the limit, and that with Christ all things are possible!  NO is not an option when one is a goal digger!  I also provide information and encourage viewers how to be celibate and remain a pure until marriage, knowing that one possesses the power within her/his soul to wait.  While everyone else is saying YES, I encourage viewers to be different and just say NO!

I would also love to help  you find your purpose in life, and learn how to always be positive  and find inner peace! Your location or busy schedule should not and will not limit you with KIMestry.  I am willing to travel to you,and work with you!  I am also available for workshops, expos, intimate consultations, church groups, educational settings, group homes, and speaking engagements on any of these topics and a lot more!  If you would like a phone consultation please send a text message or call  (803) 269-6858 , or email me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will explain to you all details!  The consultation will begin once the payment has been received and we have set up a mutually beneficial time through text message, or email to have an actual live phone conversation!

The prices for workshops and seminars will be discussed by telephone and email, and a contract will be signed once we set a date and time! My disclaimer: I am a business owner and a licensed cosmetologist with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications, and I am pursuing a Masters in Public Health Communication!  I have a wealth of knowledge in wholistic living and empowerment!  I am not a nutritionist yet, nor am I a doctor, but I am well educated on (w)holistic living!  I advise everyone to do your research on everything you learn from me, and anyone else so that you will be well informed!

Kimberly Diamond of KIMestry LLC

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